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We’re a team of copywriters, journalists, copyeditors, graphic designers, website developers and photographers.

And, like the ultimate Tetris master, our Head of Strategy Sarah Spence fits us together in the perfect tessellation for each new client.

Sarah Spence

Sarah Spence

Founder & Head of Strategy

Scoring 99% in her Year 2 English test, Sarah never looked back. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she now holds a Bachelor of Public Communication (Advertising & PR), a Masters of Applied Linguistics and a slew of professional development accreditations, including AMI Certified Practicing Marketer. Sarah’s worked as a Marketing Strategist and Copywriter for some of Australia’s and the UK’s biggest brands, including Citibank, Qudos Bank, Sheridan, Lendlease, Standard Life and British Airways.

After founding Content Copywriting in 2012, she now specialises in Content Strategy, SEO and Content Creation for the fast-changing industries. She’s got a major crush on tech brands, but is partial to any brand that has big ideas.

She loves a good Pinot Noir, cuddling her two daughters and running the 5km waterside track near her house on the Central Coast. 

Kerrie McDonald

Kerrie McDonald

SEO Copywriter

Kerrie has loved writing from a young age. After school, she took the “sensible” route and studied a Bachelor of Computer Science. For over 20 years, she worked in various IT roles.

Now she combines her love of writing with her background in IT as a copywriter specialising in the IT/technology and fintech sectors. She currently lives in a tiny cottage built in 1865. She plans to downsize even further to a campervan to be a digital nomad travelling Australia. Her musical tastes are forever stuck in the 80s and her idea of a wild night involves a good book, a cup of tea and a campfire.

Tanja Gardner

Tanja Gardner

Lead Copy Editor

Tanja has been a professional word-nerd for over 13 years. She’s written for industries that range from IT to academia, natural health to financial planning as an editor, ghost-writer and proofreader.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Communication, Tanja excels at getting inside her readers’ heads and understanding how any given sentence will land. When she’s not trying to find the perfect way to word something, she’s generally geeking out with sci-fi/fantasy/superhero stories in almost any medium.

Anna Rogan

Anna Rogan

SEO Copywriter

With more than a decade of experience writing for big banks and state government, Anna knows her stuff. She earned her career chops as a Communications Manager at NAB. And then excelled in a range of content roles across government and social enterprise brands. She now helps brands of all shapes and sizes with her wordy skills.

When she’s not word-ing, she’s cuddling her two little ones, devouring as many books as she can and playing practical jokes on her friends and family. She also runs an olive farm and will do almost anything if you bribe her with chocolate croissants.


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