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Welcome to Content Copywriting!

We’re a team of content strategists, copywriters, journalists, copy editors, graphic designers, website developers, and social media gurus, and we want to talk to you and learn everything we can about your business.

Because you’re NOT a number to us.

You’re someone with a unique operation, a big idea, and real people working behind the scenes.

And by taking the time to really get to know you, and develop a genuine relationship, we can help you navigate the complex world of online marketing and secure the results you need.


We cut through the noise and confusion, and deliver content that makes a difference.

Whether that’s long form SEO blog posts, high ranking SEO website copywriting, thought leadership articles, short form social media, whitepapers… that depends on you and your audience. 

We don’t just crank out content across all platforms and throw it out into the world hoping some will land. 

What we do is work out what content and marketing strategy will actually fit your business, what will get you in front of your ideal audience, and what will connect with them most effectively.

Our speciality is determining what will give you the greatest return on investment, and then putting together the right team and resources to make it happen.


We start by listening.

Before we get anywhere near a proposal, we want to hear about your needs, your goals, and the challenges your brand is facing.

We want to know your business inside and out. 

Once we do, only then do we get to work. Only then do we start diving into your audience, getting to know them and their behaviour, tracking their journey with you (and your competitors), and drawing up tailormade content strategy plans to connect and grow your engagement with them. 

That’s our core value – To provide unique, custom-fit content solutions that fit you and only you. 

*Cookie-cutter solutions aren’t in our toolbox.

Sarah Spence

Sarah Spence

Founder & Head of Strategy

Sarah founded Content Copywriting in 2012, after getting tired of seeing so many content marketing agencies treating clients as just numbers and time slots, and knowing there was a much, much better way. 

Among her numerous professional accreditations are a Bachelor of Public Communication (Advertising & PR) and a Masters of Applied Linguistics, and as a Marketing Strategist and Content Copywriting specialist she’s worked with some of Australia’s and the UK’s biggest brands, including Citibank, Qudos Bank, Sheridan, Lendlease, Standard Life, and British Airways.

Sarah is an expert in Content Strategy, SEO, and Content Creation, thrives with clients in tech and fast-changing industries, and is excited by brands with big ideas.

She loves smashing deadlines, cuddling her daughters, and running the 5km waterside track near her house on the Central Coast.


Barbara O'Reilly

Barbara O'Reilly

Senior Content Manager

Babs is a writer by trade and brand storyteller at heart.

 Part digital editor, part trend-spotter, full-time media nerd. 
Her holistic approach to analysing, developing and creating online content ensures an exciting outcome for every project she works on. 

Specialties: SEO, Website Copy, Social Media Content, EDMs, Blogs, Video Scripts, User Experience

Industries: Family, Business, Tech, Travel, Lifestyle, Construction, Education

Tanja Gardner

Tanja Gardner

Senior Content Editor

Tanja has been a professional word-nerd with a love of language, a flair for phrasing (and, yes, an addiction to alliteration) for over 15 years. 

With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology + a Diploma in Comms, she excels at getting inside her reader’s minds and crafting simple, persuasive copy. 

Specialties: Plain English, Readability editing, Strategic editing

Industries: IT, Natural Health, FMCG, Finance, Travel, Government, Education

Sara Keli

Sara Keli

Content Writer

Creative, quick and artful, Sara is a born communicator.

While she initially veered down a corporate HR career path, she quickly realised that writing was where she was meant to be.

Her strength lies in creating content that connects with the reader + ticks all the SEO boxes. 

Specialties: SEO, Website Copy, Social Media Content, EDMs, Blogs

Industries: Family, Tech, Business, Lifestyle, B2C, Architecture, Travel

Kasey Signall

Kasey Signall

Admin Manager

Kasey’s experience in a variety of industries and roles means – she can do basically anything a business needs doing.

Her ability to manage projects, big and small, is only equalled by her superhuman ability to predict client needs.  

Specialties: Admin sorcerer, the data controller, communications maven, runner of shows

Industries: Digital Content, Real Estate, Allied Health, Agriculture, Trades & Professional Services, Keynote Speaker & Coaches

David Whitaker

David Whitaker

Freelance Content Editor

Favourite word: Syzygy

Favourite author: Iain M. Banks
Inspired by: My wife, eternal optimists, and the risk-takers
Life philosophy: Try everything, at least once

Specialties: SEO Blogs, Website Copy, Social Media Content, EDMs, Sales Funnels

Industries: Business, Tech, Travel, eCommerce, Recruitment, Blockchain

Diana Ioppolo

Diana Ioppolo

Freelance SEO Copywriter

Favourite word: Chocolate

Favourite author: Belinda Alexandra
Inspired by: Do-ers, people keeping it real and my little people
Life philosophy: Just do it

Specialties: SEO Blogs, Whitepapers, Sales Funnels
Industries: Finance, Business, Education, Property

Chelsea Berman

Chelsea Berman

Freelance Social Media Manager

Favourite word: Shine

Favourite author: Amanda Prowse

Inspired by: Business owners who excel in their field and have fun while doing it
Life philosophy: You didn’t wake up today just to be average

Specialties: Social Media Content, Facebook + Instagram Ads
Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Tech, B2B

Jody Carey

Jody Carey

Freelance SEO Copywriter

Favourite word: Basura

Favourite author: Rebecca Skloot
Inspired by: Perpetual learning. Ted Talks count as family movie night, right?
Life philosophy: Keep it simple

Specialties: Case Studies, SEO Website Copy, Video Scripts
Industries: Finance, Franchising, Small Business


Angela Denly

Angela Denly

Freelance SEO Copywriter

Favourite word: Discombobulate

Favourite author: Terry Pratchett
Inspired by: My kids, the sunrise and a perfectly ripe peach
Life philosophy: Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em

Specialties: SEO Blogs, Case Studies, Taglines

Industries: Food, Lifestyle, Business

 Cal Chikwendu

Cal Chikwendu

Freelance SEO Copywriter

Favourite word: Shebang

Favourite author: Maya Angelou 

Inspired by: Honesty. Humility. Making a difference. Doing things differently. Being the change
Life philosophy: If you believe strongly in something, stand up and fight for it

Specialties: SEO Blogs, Website Copy, Video Scripts
Industries: Lifestyle, FMCG, eCommerce

Anna Rogan

Anna Rogan

Freelance SEO Copywriter

Favourite word: Pash

Favourite author: Jane Austen and Caitlin Moran

Inspired by: Good stories told well and people who are unapologetically themselves
Life philosophy: Have a crack

Specialties: SEO Blogs, Conversion Sales Pages, Social Media Content
Industries: FMCG, Sustainability, B2B

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