How two industry reports converted 250 qualified leads

Our Approach

Content Copywriting began undertaking in-depth audience research and gathering insights by interviewing the Inauro team and multiple industry experts. These insights were then crafted into detailed, industry-specific digital reports that are of significant value to Inauro’s ideal client audience.

“Through audience research, we figured out exactly what was of interest to audiences and then worked to close the gap,” says Sarah.

Making the reports available as a downloadable lead generation resource, we developed a further content ecosystem to drive traffic to those pages. Dedicated SEO website landing pages featuring ‘teaser’ infographics captured email addresses before sending the report to the lead. We also crafted SEO blog articles that improved the visibility of the reports in Google search results.

39.22% of website visitors downloaded a report, with 250 downloads recorded in just five months.

“This content not only generated leads, it also increased Inauro’s website traffic and provided Inauro with a set of content assets they were able to share with prospects to show their thought leadership,” says Sarah.

The Challenge

Australia’s most innovative IoT (internet of things) company, Inauro, helps organisations digitally evolve while enhancing their operations.

By collecting data across an organisation’s entire systems set-up, Inauro is able to gather valuable insights for clients and develop automated workflows that improve their operations.

A relatively new startup, Inauro wanted to target businesses in the construction and equipment-rental industries, where tech uptake has been slow. Having worked with us previously on their website, Inauro knew we could deliver the niche B2B content they needed. Content that would engage their niche audiences, provide meaningful insights and communicate their unique proposition.

“We’re all about connecting brands with big ideas to their ideal audience,” says Sarah, Founder and Strategic Director of Content Copywriting.



qualified leads generated



increase in new website visitors



increase in organic website sessions




B2B Industry Report Content Marketing
B2B Industry Report Content Marketing Agency

“We’ve had some great traction with the work we have done in the construction and rental industries. The content is the best we’ve ever received and has generated around 250 leads. I was extremely impressed with Content Copywriting’s process and standard of quality.”


Sonya Aboudargham
Chief Marketing Officer – Inauro

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