How we increased Woolworth’s new lifestyle brand – healthylife’s – conversion rate by 4.14% in only 2 months

Angela Koning, founder of Equenti, which benefitted from Content Copywriting's targeted Sales Funnel


  • April 2021 – ongoing
  • 80 SEO Blog Articles in six weeks
  • 30-40 SEO Blog Articles per month


Acquired by Woolworths Group in 2019, healthylife is an online brand that provides health and wellness advice from trusted advisors alongside experiences, services and products.

Woolworths decided to relaunch the brand in 2021 after discovering an 80% increase in their digital traffic relating to health searches. 

The new website needed to provide a strong foundation for healthylife’s central brand pillar of being ‘Australia’s home of trusted, health advisory content’. 

So, knowing they needed a team who could deliver insightful strategy and high volumes of authoritative content quickly, they approached Content Copywriting.


We started by analysing the online search behaviour of healthylife’s different audience segments to help us tailor an in-depth Content Strategy that would meet their audience’s specific needs. 

We proposed a ‘Pillar and Cluster’ Content Strategy approach that would boost visibility in their organic search results and allow us to create a significant volume of long-form SEO advisory content. 

To meet the new launch date, we sourced and interviewed health experts to produce 80 high-quality, well-researched articles within just six weeks. From there, we went on to deliver 30–40 articles per month on an ongoing basis.

Ensuring we engaged with healthylife’s digital marketing and e-commerce teams throughout the process gave Woolworths the clarity and certainty they needed on a project of this scale. 


Within two months of the site going live, visitors who viewed our content – even just a single article – were more likely to:

  • transact and buy products
  • spend more time on the site
  • return to the site again
  • engage with more content. 

What’s more, A/B testing results on the homepage revealed that serving our content as the highlight created a better conversion rate than highlighting products did. 

By creating great content, quickly and at scale, we significantly increased keyword rankings and drove organic traffic to this new website from 0 to:

  • 1,232 ranked keywords
  • 2,343 organic site visits per month.

1. 14% of site visitors who viewed our content went on to create an account 

2. 4.14% of site visitors purchased after viewing our content

3. 16.6 pages per session were viewed by site visitors who read our content, compared to 4.6 pages per session for those who didn’t

4.  20% of visitors returned if they’d viewed our content compared to 14% who hadn’t

We’re all about content. Content that connects with – and converts – your ideal clients.

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