Winning a business award is a great way to enhance and strengthen your business. It effectively:

  • showcases your ability
  • establishes and builds your credibility
  • grows awareness of your brand, product or service
  • boosts your team morale
  • attracts talent and potential investors.

Even just becoming a finalist can provide significant fuel for your marketing and business development.

However, writing a winning award entry requires dedication, work and time. It needs comprehensive planning and preparation, exceptional storytelling and engagement, and first-class presentation.

Many businesses don’t have the skills or resources available to meet the challenge. So they lose out – not because they didn’t deserve the award, but because their submission let them down.

As specialist award submission writers, we help you avoid that pitfall. We use our experience, expertise and capabilities to craft you an entry that’s guaranteed to impress.

Plus, leaving your submission to us means you can get back to doing what you do best – running your award-level business, and making your big ideas a reality.


Research and planning

Writing a winning award entry begins with clear research and planning. We review upcoming awards, identify their key criteria and focus, and assess your business for eligibility. Then we develop a clear production timeline and conduct interviews with you and your team, bringing your award submission together smoothly and efficiently.


The best submissions tell an engaging, compelling story. Our expert award submission writers craft persuasive narratives that capture judges’ attention and draw them in. And we support that story with impressive metrics and irrefutable evidence, ensuring your submission creates maximum impact.

Production and presentation

Presentation counts, and your submission needs to be flawless. Following tried-and-tested production methods, we deliver a top-quality submission that includes immaculate supporting documents and materials. In short, we ensure that your submission is both attractive and impressive.


Tidy workspace of a professional copywriter, in an agency that specialises in writing award submissions


Like every content piece we create, our award entry drafts go through multiple internal rounds of review and revision:

  • Our award submission writers draw from our comprehensive research and insights to create a quality first draft.
  • They send that first draft to our editors, who evaluate and revise it. The editors tighten the language as much as possible, enhance the flow and ensure there are no typos, grammar mistakes or punctuation errors.
  • Next, our publishers asses the draft. They check it for presentation and formatting, and review it against the award entry requirements.
  • Finally our strategist analyses the draft to confirm it aligns with your objectives and is a strong contender for the targeted award.

Only after your award submission draft has made it through all of the above checks do we then send it to you for your thoughts and feedback.

And once we have your input, we go back and do it all again, further revising and polishing the draft.

This level of internal review may seem excessive to some. For us though, it’s merely a way to guarantee we deliver an award entry of uncompromising quality.


Many deserving businesses miss out on an award because their submissions overlook the finer points.

We ensure yours isn’t one of them, by going through the production and presentation of your award entry with a fine-tooth comb, which means we:

  • follow award entry directions to the letter
  • answer every question
  • keep our answers direct and to-the-point
  • adhere firmly to word counts and character limits
  • ensure your submission is accurate, honest and unbiased
  • help you submit your entry before the deadline, and in the accepted format.

These steps may sound simple, but you’d be surprised how many otherwise-outstanding award entries end up discounted every year purely because they didn’t follow directions.

Notebook of a copywriter, working on writing a winning award entry
Clean workspace in an agency of award submission writers


Our team is made up of expert content creators with a diverse range of skills and a broad industry background. We have professional copywriters, as well as speechwriters, publicists, search engine optimisation specialists, social media experts, screenwriters and authors.

This pool of talent gives us access to master storytellers who can craft compelling narratives and highly engaging copy while keeping commercial objectives and strategy firmly in mind.

And this means that when we write you an award entry it not only persuades the judges, it also:

  • showcases your achievements, supporting them with quantifiable results and evidence
  • avoids jargon, making your submission concise and easy to follow
  • demonstrates how you went the extra mile and really stood out from your competition.

This is crucial, because if you talk to any judge they’ll tell you when you add value and champion success, it’s the difference between simply writing an award entry and writing a winning award entry.

And that’s what makes us expert award submission writers.


Awards are all about distinguishing yourself and your business. They’re about standing out from the crowd.

And we want you to feel the exact same sense of value and uniqueness when you work with us.

That’s why we only work with a small, select portfolio of clients. It’s also why we tailor-make every piece of content we create for the customer who requested it.

As professional award submission writers, this means we don’t use standardised cover letters for award submissions or templates. Instead, we custom-build every award entry from scratch.

This takes us more time and effort. However, it allows us to strategically target and focus our approach, giving us the greatest possible chance of writing you a winning award entry.

Beyond that, it also enables us to establish the best possible relationship with you. For us, that means a relationship where you know we don’t see you as ‘just a number’ in an agency file, but as a long-term partner and valued client.

A Sydney-based award submission writer, discussing with a client via phone the steps required in writing a winning award entry



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