Content strategy principles

Content strategy: What is it, why it's important and what are the content strategy principles we include in ours

In our digital age, content is more available than ever before – and there’s a lot of it! The downside of this is that people’s attention spans are decreasing. Due to the sheer amount of content being thrown at them every day, they’re far less likely to sit down, read a long-form content piece and engage with it.

So how do you avoid generating just another piece of forgotten content that doesn’t engage your audience or create value for your business?

The answer is a Content Strategy!

The difference between content marketing and native advertising is platform, but both can be found via desktop (such as this)

What is a content strategy?

Getting your audience’s attention is hard. Creating genuine connections with them is even harder. That’s especially true when you’re juggling 10+ marketing channels, they’re all screaming for attention, and you have no idea which ones are actually effective.

That’s where we come in. We identify exactly what content you need to reach your business goals and connect with your ideal clients. Then we do all the hard work – researching, writing and creating all that content for you.


Random pieces of content that don’t relate to your strategy spread over different channels are a recipe for getting your ideal clients to switch off.

A Content Strategy ensures your content is consistent across your channels, and that it’s of the highest quality.


Providing valuable content that teaches your audience something they find useful positions you as a thought leader in your space. So even if your prospect isn’t ready to buy or engage with your services when they read your content, you’ll stay ‘top of mind’.

Then, once they are ready, they’ll know you’re the go-to provider who knows their stuff. Your content will convert!

Easier content creation

Writers’ block is real, and without a Content Strategy, you’ll have far more trouble coming up with content ideas. When you understand why you need to create a given piece of content, it’s a whole lot easier to come up with ideas.

A strategy that maps out your goals will also ensure you create content that helps you to reach them.

Cut costs

Creating and distributing the wrong content can divert a lot of money and time away from your other marketing activities. Working without a Content Strategy leads to losing sight of the bigger picture, so you spend time, effort and money on content that doesn’t align to your target market or goals.

A Content Strategy helps you to define exactly what content you’ll create, and how that content fits in with the rest of your marketing budget.

What does our content strategy cover?

At Content Copywriting, your brand’s unique Content Strategy starts with us taking a deep-dive into your brand’s complete online presence. Then we develop a comprehensive strategy that includes:


  • Research – a deep-dive into your current online presence, gathering analytics from all channels and determining your current Content Ecosystem
  • Goal Definition – what your business wants to achieve, and a set of strategic recommendations mapped out to get you there
  • In-depth Audience Profiling – who are your ideal clients, really?
  • Full Content Audit – a scan of your current content, with recommendations on what to keep, rewrite and delete
  • Strategy SEO Overview – a sense check of your current SEO landscape
  • SEO Keyword Research Report – a review of keyword phrases you currently rank for, and a list of at least 20 phrases to focus new content on
  • Environmental SEO Scan – a quick ‘eyeball’ of the competition and a few brands to emulate from a content perspective
  • Governance and Workflow Overview – editorial guidelines for our ongoing content relationship
  • Capability Assessment – an overview of your CMS and plugin specifications as they apply to future content production
  • Content Calendar Roadmap – a calendar that outlines proposed content for first six months.

When should you get started?

You don’t have to stop all marketing activity and divert your full attention to developing a Content Strategy. Instead, let us do it for you. You can remain focused on doing what you do best; while we tackle the analysis and planning for you.

Brands who are creating content based on a personalised Content Strategy for their business are increasing conversions, building loyalty and seeing it have a positive impact on their bottom line.

Get in touch today to book in your Content Strategy.

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