Digital Strategy

Unlocking your brand’s full online potential

Your brand’s online presence is a key tool in your marketing toolkit. However, to get it performing at its best you need to align all of your digital touchpoints to your business goals and marketing objectives.

And to do that, you need a Digital Strategy. A Digital Strategy is the highest level of online marketing strategy available. It looks at your brand’s entire digital presence, including:

  • defining, aligning and optimising your digital business goals
  • reviewing in-depth your online audience, competitors and market
  • evaluating all of your digital touchpoints, such as websites, landing pages, paid ads, social media accounts, email funnels, etc.
  • undertaking a comprehensive content review and creating a targeted content plan
  • assessing your SEO performance and health, including an SEO Strategy review, SEO-friendly content planning and a technical site audit

Without a Digital Strategy, your content efforts are likely to get lost among the 27 million pieces of content that are shared online every day. That means you risk wasting your marketing budget on low-value activities that do nothing for your business.

We increased Octet’s website traffic by


For over two years we’ve created strategic website and editorial blog content for business finance brand, Octet. This content has directly improved their site traffic and delivered ever-increasing qualified lead conversions. 

We increased Octet’s website traffic by


For over two years we’ve created strategic website and editorial blog content for business finance brand, Octet. This content has directly improved their site traffic and delivered ever-increasing qualified lead conversions. 

What makes us different

We don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions

We don’t work from templates, we don’t have standardised Digital Strategy roadmaps and we definitely don’t reuse strategies between clients.

We’re quality focused

We produce any Digital Strategy we work on to an unapologetically high standard and we give you exactly what your business needs to generate a high return.

We’re more than just digital strategists

In addition to being Digital Strategy specialists, we’re also masters of assembling and sourcing talent. So when you work with us, you’re connecting with highly trained professionals who have skill sets covering everything from SEO to Content Creation, Landing Page Design and Enterprise Training.

You’re not a number to us

We only work with a small, select portfolio of clients, which means you’ll never become just a number in our files.

That selectiveness allows us to think long-term, and genuinely care about you and your brand.

Want a strategy success story of your own?

How do I get started with digital strategy

It couldn’t be simpler – just click here!

Can I see a digital strategy case study

Of course! You’ll find the stories of a selection of our previous digital strategy clients on our case studies page.

How do you implement a digital marketing strategy

The answer to this question depends on two factors:

  1. how clear and easy-to-follow the strategy you want to implement is
  2. what digital marketing skills (and general capacity) your in-house team members have.

If you have an easy-to-follow, step-by-step digital marketing strategy AND your team members have the knowledge and time to execute it, implementation should be easy. Simply follow the steps laid out in the strategy.

If not, however, you might well benefit from asking a specialist digital marketing agency to step in.

How involved do I need to be in the digital strategy process

As a minimum, you’ll need to hop on a briefing call with us for around half an hour to answer some important questions about:

  • your business as a whole
  • your existing audience, and the people you’d most like to connect with
  • the products or services you provide
  • what a successful digital strategy would achieve for you.

Beyond that, your involvement level is up to you. Want to be completely hands-off? We’re happy to step away, work on developing your digital strategy on our own, and only present it to you once it’s complete and ready to implement.

Prefer to know exactly what we’re doing at each step in the process, or perhaps learn how to prepare your own digital marketing strategy? We can involve you as much or as little as you like.

Just tell us what you’d prefer, and we’ll work with you.

What is Content Copywriting’s digital strategy process

Because we write every client’s digital strategy from scratch – and every client prefers a different level of involvement – some of the specifics of our process can vary. However, in general terms, the process we follow is:

  1. We run an in-depth discovery call with you in which we ask questions that help us understand your business, your customers and your market.
  2. We research your ideal customers to understand who they are, where they spend time online and what they most want when they’re there.
  3. We also research your current market and competitors.
  4. Next, we evaluate all of your existing digital touchpoints – everywhere you potentially connect with people who would benefit from your products or services.
  5. We review your existing content, noting where it’s meeting your ideal audience’s needs and where it’s falling short.
  6. Finally, we take all of the information we uncover and transform it into a tailored, step-by-step digital strategy that incorporates both content strategy and SEO strategy.

We never reuse strategies between clients, because we know each client is different. Working this way takes time, but we believe that time is worth it.

How much does Content Copywriting charge for digital strategies

Every digital strategy client we work with is unique.

Each one has different digital strategy objectives, different levels of business and market complexity, and different abilities to execute the strategy in-house. Some want to learn how to write and implement a digital strategy themselves, while others want it all done for them. And some fall somewhere in between the two extremes.

As a result, the cost from one digital strategy client to another can vary significantly.

  • A strategy for a smaller business with only a few digital touchpoints might start at around $6500 ex GST.
  • For a larger organisation with a wide online presence and branches Australia-wide (and even internationally), a digital strategy may start from $10500 ex GST.

We’re happy to offer a free, no-obligation chat to get a sense of your organisation’s digital strategy needs. Once we know that, we can provide a clear, unambiguous quote based on what we expect to create the best results and provide the greatest ROI for you.

Interested? Get in touch today.

How does SEO fit into a digital strategy

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one element of digital strategy – the part that’s concerned with making your content look good to search engines. This is important for any business that wants to capture its share of the 3.5 billion searches that start on Google every single day.

However, not all website traffic comes from search engines. Online audiences also read email, watch videos, browse social media, read white papers… and the list goes on.

A digital marketing strategy incorporates SEO strategy along with content and other online marketing strategies. Its job is to ensure that not only do the right people end up on your website, but that they also engage with your content and convert once they get there.

What are the benefits of a digital marketing strategy, and does every business need one

Many businesses wonder why they need a digital marketing strategy. Isn’t it enough to have a single marketing strategy that covers both online and offline channels?

The answer is ‘probably not’. The online and offline marketing landscapes are very different, and techniques that work well in one environment aren’t usually suitable for the other.

Learning how to create a digital marketing strategy (or getting a digital strategy specialist to create one for you) has benefits that include understanding exactly:

  • who your ideal customers or clients are
  • which channels they prefer to spend time in when they’re online
  • what they most want to learn and what problems they need to solve while they’re there
  • what formats they most like to access that content in
  • how to create the content they’re most interested in reading or viewing
  • how to encourage search engines to recommend your content to people who search for information on that topic.

Very few general marketing strategies will cover this kind of online-specific information.

And if yours doesn’t, you’re likely to miss out on connecting with a large number of potential customers.

Why is Content Copywriting the best digital marketing strategy agency in Australia

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet, but at the same time, we wouldn’t be successful marketers if we didn’t highlight the areas where we excel. So we’ll simply acknowledge that…

  • we’re digital marketing strategy mavens, with experience across several industries and sectors
  • we insist on getting to know every client we work with in depth so we can create the best possible results for them
  • we know every business is different, so we believe their digital strategy should be unique too.

Beyond that, we’d prefer to step back and let our clients explain why they believe we’re the best! Read what they have to say about us.

What does a digital strategy agency do

In short, a digital marketing strategy agency creates – and sometimes implements – a strategy that increases your reach, engagement, connection and conversions across your entire digital ecosystem. See the question above for our definition of a digital ecosystem.

If that sounds like a big job for a single strategy, that’s because it is. That’s why it’s so important to work with the right agency when it comes to developing and executing your organisation’s digital strategy.

What is a digital strategy

A digital strategy is the most comprehensive online marketing strategy possible. It incorporates:

This means it not only includes marketing through your website and blog content, but also through email, social media, paid advertising and more.