As with any form of marketing, there are two distinct stages of the SEO process. There’s the strategy part, which involves deciding what to do and how to do it to get the best results. Then there’s the implementation part, which involves taking the strategy and actually making it happen.

Many marketing departments have team members who can quickly learn to weave relevant keywords into the content they write. However, learning how to identify those keywords in the first place – not to mention the other elements of SEO like backlinks and technical website health – is more challenging.

Occasionally, businesses may hire a new team member who’s already spent the required time, effort and money on SEO strategy training. Or they may elect to pay to upskill one or more existing employees in this area.

But many businesses know their team members are already stretched to the max, and simply don’t have the time to take on this important element of marketing.  Those businesses are the ones who’ll benefit most from SEO strategy consulting.