We’ve already mentioned that content marketing can generate 3x more leads per dollar spent than traditional marketing. Here are just a few ways that it can manage this:

  • Especially if your content is search engine optimised (SEO), it can drive qualified leads to your website when they search for keywords you rank for.
  • It can build credibility by showing that you understand the problems your ideal audience is wrestling with, and know how to solve them.
  • It can highlight the successes you’ve had with previous customers or clients, and let those success stories market your business for you.
  • It can encourage people who don’t know your business to ‘invite you into their inbox’ – so you can keep marketing to them well after they first encounter your content.

But beyond simply generating leads, good content marketing can also actively help to convert those leads.

Sound good? Ask us how content marketing could help to generate and convert leads  in your business.