Every digital strategy client we work with is unique.

Each one has different digital strategy objectives, different levels of business and market complexity, and different abilities to execute the strategy in-house. Some want to learn how to write and implement a digital strategy themselves, while others want it all done for them. And some fall somewhere in between the two extremes.

As a result, the cost from one digital strategy client to another can vary significantly.

  • A strategy for a smaller business with only a few digital touchpoints might start at around $6500 ex GST.
  • For a larger organisation with a wide online presence and branches Australia-wide (and even internationally), a digital strategy may start from $10500 ex GST.

We’re happy to offer a free, no-obligation chat to get a sense of your organisation’s digital strategy needs. Once we know that, we can provide a clear, unambiguous quote based on what we expect to create the best results and provide the greatest ROI for you.

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