There’s an old saying – When running a company, you should always choose to fix things that make people money, not cost people money.

That’s exactly what we do.

Having top-notch SEO copywriting on your website is only going to make you money in the long run – It’s an investment.

At Content Copywriting, our pricing system is based on the number of hours it’s likely to take our SEO experts to complete your project. Some projects are simple; others require matrix-esque analytics and can take time.

If you’re looking for the cheapest SEO copywriting around, we’re not your people.

We’re all about quality, human-centric copy, and individually customised SEO strategy plans – This is why we’ll never have 300 clients on our books at one time. We take on only a handful of clients, and make sure they get the return on investment they’ve paid for.

And our results speak for themselves – Whenever Google makes updates, they’re consistently focused on identifying and increasing the ranking of quality content over keyword-stuffed copy. And whenever they roll out a new update, all of our clients report significant website wins.