Content marketing agencies are a relatively new concept, as the world of content marketing consultancy hasn’t been around for that long. Because of this, many people don’t ‘get’ it. So let us break it down for you, that IS what we are here for, after all.

Content – Basically, the word ‘content’ is just an umbrella term for blogs, SEO, content offers, social media posts, videos, original graphics, images, web copy and more.

Content Marketing – This is the process where businesses share all of that great content to build relationships, generate leads, drive sales and inform existing and potential clients of their brand messaging. Think emails, social media and web pages.

Content Marketing Agencies – Groups of creative and savvy content consultants who consult on, and create (fantastic) materials on behalf of another business.

So what exactly does a content marketing agency do?

Simply put, we help brands figure out what content they should be sharing, how and where they should be sharing it; then we create that content for them.

And if you pick the right agency (like us) the process should be fun, seamless and hugely effective – but more on that later.

Just as a side note – we work with brands all over Australia even though our content marketing agency is Sydney-based. We’ve been fans of Zoom meetings and remote working long before it became the go-to working method in 2020. So it doesn’t matter if your brand isn’t based in Sydney, we’re here to help bring your content to life.