Many businesses wonder why they need a digital marketing strategy. Isn’t it enough to have a single marketing strategy that covers both online and offline channels?

The answer is ‘probably not’. The online and offline marketing landscapes are very different, and techniques that work well in one environment aren’t usually suitable for the other.

Learning how to create a digital marketing strategy (or getting a digital strategy specialist to create one for you) has benefits that include understanding exactly:

  • who your ideal customers or clients are
  • which channels they prefer to spend time in when they’re online
  • what they most want to learn and what problems they need to solve while they’re there
  • what formats they most like to access that content in
  • how to create the content they’re most interested in reading or viewing
  • how to encourage search engines to recommend your content to people who search for information on that topic.

Very few general marketing strategies will cover this kind of online-specific information.

And if yours doesn’t, you’re likely to miss out on connecting with a large number of potential customers.