Lots of brands create their content in-house by sales and marketing teams who are not content professionals. And often these brands don’t have a centralised Content Strategy that they’re working to either. This can result in inconsistent messages and a whole lot of effort being put into content marketing without the desired results.

The benefits of using a content marketing agency are the same as you get when you take your car to a trusted and qualified mechanic over your local neighbourhood car enthusiast.

The trusted, qualified mechanic can take a look, quickly identify what needs to be done, and then get it done fast with professionalism and expertise.

That’s what content marketing agencies do; we look at the whole picture, come up with a solid plan and then go ahead and make it happen—concept to completion.

You know your brand needs a website, a social media presence and a range of customer communications – but these things can’t function without content. And that’s where content marketing agencies come in.

A great content marketing agency doesn’t just focus on writing; they make sure to create conversion-focused content that guides your audience towards making a purchase.