It takes a lot of knowledge, skill and time to develop and then execute a successful SEO marketing strategy.

You need to be a master of not just keyword research, but also audience research. It’s not enough to know what keywords rank highly on search engines like Google. You also need to understand what the people who type in those keywords are looking for when they type them – AKA what SEO strategists call ‘search intent’.

Then, once you have the keywords, you need to understand how to naturally weave them through content that’s genuinely valuable to the searcher. And, of course, you also need to know how to incorporate the other elements of SEO strategy, including backlinks and technical website health, too.

Some rare businesses genuinely have team members with the skills – and the capacity – to build and then implement a great SEO strategy. For everyone else, drawing on the expertise of an SEO agency generally ends up being more cost-effective and generates far faster ROI.

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