Firstly, we establish and agree on the strategic direction of the content marketing piece – either by completing a Organic Content Strategies for you, or by workshopping your Content Strategy. This step includes setting the topic and deciding on all timelines.

Keyword Research

Next, we match the audience need by checking the keywords your ideal audience are Googling about that specific topic. Once the primary keyword phrase and related keyword phrases are chosen, we get you to approve them.

For example, if we identify that customers are searching for, ‘Content Marketing Agency Sydney,’ then we are going to also develop and target related terms, like ‘Content Marketing Company Sydney’ and ‘Content Consultancy Sydney’.

The process is quite complicated, but simply put; keyword phrases are chosen by identifying as those with the highest keyword volumes while also being the most likely to rank. But you can let us worry about that stuff.


The next step in the process is to interview subject matter experts at your brand (or we can alternatively source external experts) and undertake additional topic research.

Map out a Suggested Content Flow

Before we start writing, the team comes together to agree on a suggested content flow. We workshop the keywords, conduct topic research, review interview notes and content flow to ensure everyone on the project is working towards the same outcome. Usually, the whole team from our Head of Strategy to our Content Editor, Copywriter to Copy Editor (yes a Content Editor and Copy Editor are two different roles!), are all involved in this step.

Create the content

A specialist SEO copywriter writes the first draft before the Content Editor reviews it. We also source appropriate imagery and suggest additional visual assets as required. Then the Copy Editor does a full edit for consistency, tone and readability.

Head of Strategy review

Before coming to you as a first draft, all content is reviewed by Sarah Spence, our Head of Strategy and SEO.

You then have time to review it, mark up feedback via Google Docs (an easy online tool for collaboration). We process your feedback and make any necessary amends before sending it back to you as a second draft.

The final check

You are then given another chance to pop in any last changes and feedback – we then process that feedback, proofread it, purchase or commission the images/visual assets and get it ready for publication.

Ready to go live

We then publish it for you on your website, do all of the fiddly bits to have it looking fantastic and let you know when it’s live. You can sit back and watch it all happen.

Continued tracking

To make sure everything is working like it should, we stick around and keep an eye on the progress; this means every month we track the success of the content marketing piece using detailed analytics. If necessary, we then tweak the content – but only if further optimisation opportunities are identified.