An SEO strategist is someone who creates a strategy for optimising your web or blog content for search engines (a.k.a makes it SEO-friendly).

To do this, ideally they’ll conduct in-depth research around your audience, your market, your competitors and your business objectives. They’ll then design you a tailor-made SEO Strategy that covers:

• what topics you should write about
• how much to write
• what keywords to optimise for
• where to include those keywords
• any other techniques you can use to increase your website’s credibility with search engines, such as securing backlinks and improving your website’s technical health.

Once you’ve implemented all of their recommendations, the best SEO strategists will monitor the performance and effectiveness of their strategy. If it’s not getting the results you need, they’ll help you adapt it and course-correct until it is.

An SEO copywriter is the person who takes the SEO strategist’s recommendations and turns them into web copy.

A skilled SEO copywriter will be able to craft content that both Google and your ideal audience love. They’ll know how to write in a way that’s clear and engaging for humans, while still being credible to search engines.

And if they’re really good, SEO copywriters write it all in a way that powerfully converts, without ever feeling pushy, sales-y or manipulative.