A content strategy agency does many things. The most important though, is they create clear roadmaps for content creation for their clients.

How do they create a roadmap? That depends on your company’s goals, audience needs, and budget.

• First, the content strategist should complete a comprehensive review, getting to know you, your brand and your audience.
• Next, they should present their findings, along with a clear and detailed content plan filled with actionable items and measurable goals.
• Finally, having delivered a roadmap and content strategy, they can either leave it to you to make it all happen, or they can go on to create the content for your brand.

Whatever the brand or strategy, the goal is always the same – Increase engagement and conversation around your products, whatever they are.

When you employ a content strategy agency, make sure they let you know exactly how they plan to increase engagement. Too many times, we meet customers who have been burned by agencies that presented unclear plans and delivered watered-down outcomes.

Added extras
Along with helping businesses develop strategy and create content, content strategy agencies can also offer various other products and services, such as:

• Lead generation
• Sales funnels
Social media management
• Enterprise content training
• Customer lifecycle management
• Advice on streamlining content workflows and content governance