All businesses need content, it’s a fact – Without it, how would anyone know what you do or why you do it?

What a lot of businesses don’t realise though, is that when it comes to content marketing it’s best to work smart, not hard.

How do you work smart?

First, before you even start on content creation, you design a detailed and well thought out content strategy.

A content strategy is the how to your why.

For example, if your company wants to land more customers from Google, that’s your content why. Your content strategy (or content how) is to increase your SEO, and will identify what search terms you should be targeting through SEO copywriting, how you can target them, and any required site restructuring or technical changes.

A great content strategy (along with a great SEO copywriter) will take into account:

• who your target audience is
• how they’re going to find your content
• what you want them to get out of your content
• and hopefully, how to encourage them to share your content after they’ve read and loved it!

Tip #1: It’s not just about reach
A successful content strategy isn’t just about getting eyes on your content. For a truly successful content strategy, your audience needs to like what they see.
Unfortunately, this is where a lot of SEO copywriters can let you down. They’ll focus only on the Google clicks and referral numbers, and won’t look at the time your users spend on your page, or where they go from there.

And that doesn’t help you, or your business.

If your SEO copywriting strategy only appeals to Google, then it’s not going to be successful.

The content you create needs to speak to humans as well as robots. It should align your business and brand goals with your marketing and content goals, and serve everyone involved.

Tip #2: Your content strategy should identify and focus on your target audience
If your content strategy isn’t looking at who your target audience is, then the chance of it successfully reaching and connecting with them is slim.
Identifying your target audience is critical. Once you know who your target audience is, you can figure out where they hang out online, and how you can best connect with them through good quality SEO copywriting.

And remember, the more detailed and deliberate your content strategy is, the easier it will be to action and measure.

Tip #3: There’s no one size fits all
Although a lot of SEO copywriting agencies sell pre-made content strategies online, the truth is they simply don’t work.

For your content strategy to be successful, it needs to be custom created and tailored to your business’s tone of voice and target audience. It also needs to take into account the wealth of knowledge you have about your company and customers.

Only by doing this can you ensure your content strategy effectively connects with your audience, delivers content that they want to see, and says what only you can say.

When you engage Content Copywriting to create a content strategy, be prepared to get involved! We want to analyse your past and current content. We want to find out what’s been working and what hasn’t. And we want to hear all about you, and what makes you and your business unique.

Getting to know you and your customers is always the first task on our list.