An SEO web copywriter is much like a traditional copywriter, except instead of just understanding how to communicate with people, they also understand how to communicate with Google and other search engines.

You see, the algorithms that search engines use to read content don’t work quite the same as the human brain. They simply can’t read every word on the internet in the same way that a person would. Instead, Google and other search engines use codes that scan the web and grab specific words, phrases, and other website aspects to deliver the best of what they think you’re looking for.

An SEO copywriter understands how this works and can, put simply, optimise the copy on your website to make it more visible to Google for the search terms you’re aiming to rank for. SEO copywriters understand the importance of hitting the right search terms, in the right places.

Our team of Sydney based SEO Copywriters specialise in web pages, SEO articles, advertising copy, promotions, and customer engagement. We focus mostly on long-tail keyword phrases (three or four keywords put together), allowing us to grab the searches with high intent that align directly to our clients’ business needs.

So, if you’re a florist who delivers within the Sydney CBD and surrounding areas, we wouldn’t aim for ‘flower deliveries’ as a search term. We’d go for a long tail option, such as ‘flower deliveries Sydney area’ and ‘best Sydney based florists’.

Of course, in order to ensure all our clients’ goals are met with well-crafted content, we also have developers, social media experts, and a range of other digital marketing specialists on our team.