Because we write every client’s digital strategy from scratch – and every client prefers a different level of involvement – some of the specifics of our process can vary. However, in general terms, the process we follow is:

  1. We run an in-depth discovery call with you in which we ask questions that help us understand your business, your customers and your market.
  2. We research your ideal customers to understand who they are, where they spend time online and what they most want when they’re there.
  3. We also research your current market and competitors.
  4. Next, we evaluate all of your existing digital touchpoints – everywhere you potentially connect with people who would benefit from your products or services.
  5. We review your existing content, noting where it’s meeting your ideal audience’s needs and where it’s falling short.
  6. Finally, we take all of the information we uncover and transform it into a tailored, step-by-step digital strategy that incorporates both content strategy and SEO strategy.

We never reuse strategies between clients, because we know each client is different. Working this way takes time, but we believe that time is worth it.