Our first step is a thorough review of your site – We review your technical health, user experience, site map and of course, content.

Then our SEO strategist either workshops and optimises your existing content strategy, or creates a brand new detailed SEO strategy (a roadmap of sorts) depending on your needs and budget.

At this point, we’ll discuss all the costs and timelines – We don’t believe in budget surprises!

Once you’re happy, we take the knowledge we gathered in our initial research and develop a tailor made SEO keyword strategy around it. Taking into account your ideal audience, what they’re currently searching for, and their typical online behaviour, we’ll figure out exactly what keywords you should be targeting, including long-tail keywords (three or four keywords combined).

For example, if we find that your potential customers are Googling, ‘SEO copywriting Sydney’ then we’ll make that the primary keyword phrase and also identify related phrases such as, ‘SEO copywriting specialist Sydney, or ‘SEO copywriting services’.

Once all the keyword phrases are chosen, we’ll present them to you for approval.

After we’ve got your approval, we can start to create the copy! Sometimes, this means we’ll interview experts at your brand; other times we find other sources.

As part of our SEO copywriting services, we don’t just write copy though. We also create proposed content flows, envision how the page or article will work for a user, and review everything from colour choice to image selection.

We’ll likely consult with you throughout this step, as we like to get as many eyes on the project as possible – Be prepared to collaborate! In our experience, this always delivers the best results.

Once one of our SEO copywriters has completed the initial write-up, it goes to a content editor for review. After them, it goes to a copy editor for a structure and formatting assessment. Only after they’re happy does it then go to you, the client.

And that’s when you’ll see the first draft.

We mentioned that we’re thorough, right?

We then give you time to review the draft, provide feedback, and make any changes you want.

With your suggestions and insights in hand we repeat this process one more time, further editing and polishing the draft.

Once we’ve signed off on the third and final draft, we upload it to your site and publish it – We make sure it’s up and working, and we iron out any issues. All you need to do is watch the project come to life.

You may think that’s where it ends, but nope! – We want to make sure you see the results you’ve paid for as badly as you do.

So we stick around and monitor the progress. You’ll get a monthly report that outlines all of our objectives, and we stay just a phone call away to answer questions and make any necessary changes.