Creating effective conversion-focused content is our jam. And yes, we realise how unbelievable nerdy that makes us sound.

Sarah Spence, our Head of Strategy, is a Sydney-born SEO expert, and a Certified Practicing Marketer through Australian Marketing Institute. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to user experience. Her strategy is clear – Content Copywriting writes for humans first, Google second.

Sarah believes that EVERY piece of content must start by satisfying an audience need, while then also being related to a keyword phrase that has been researched and chosen. So it not only appeals to the humans who read it, but also needs to appeal to the Google bots who rank it.

Our content consultants don’t rely on cookie-cutter approaches.

At the risk of sounding a bit clichéd, we believe each client is unique, so we start every consultation with a fresh, blank page.

There are so many options when it comes to content marketing, the possibilities are endless, and our content consultants get pretty excited about this kind of thing. (Did we mention the level of nerd-ary we are running here?)

Individualised Strategy

We’ve never implemented identical Content Marketing Strategies for our clients and never intend to. Uncovering the perfect customised strategy for each client is just way too much fun.

A Focus on Collaboration

Another point of difference from other Sydney-based content marketing agencies in particular is our focus on collaboration. We are all about working together with our clients to come up with a detailed plan to achieve their online goals. Some of our clients want to execute that plan themselves, some want us to make the magic happen – and both are fine with us!

Most importantly, though, we realise that you know your audience better than anyone else – so although audience research is one of our specialties, this step is always taken in collaboration with our clients.

Communication and Transparency

Communication and transparency are our top priorities at every step of the way. Creating great relationships with our clients is the number one priority. We want to identify your goals clearly, get to know your audience and come up with a plan that everyone is working towards together.

For some clients that’ll mean a content marketing calendar of search engine optmised blog content, for others it’ll mean a simple refresh of existing website pages.

Alternatively, it may mean a social media campaign, conversion-landing pages or a paid ads campaign. Whichever direction we take, we’ll make sure everyone is on the same page.

We develop a Content Strategy based on your goals.

Once we identify those goals, we will advise on all the ways to reach them. We don’t just specialise in one kind of content – there are too many options. Our specialist content marketers create content for all sots of online channels. Including, but not limited to website pages, blog articles, videos, eBooks, case studies, social media posts, product descriptions, Emails and conversion landing pages.

It’s a lot to take in, and that’s why, after examining your audience, your existing online presence and identifying any content gaps, we work out a plan that recommends what direction we think you should head.

Then we’ll create the content your business needs to drive traffic, engagement and sales. And, we’ll make sure it’s a bit of fun too.

We believe that any brand who spends good money to employ our content marketing agency should have a seamless and enjoyable experience.