Some SEO strategy providers use the same ‘latest and (allegedly) greatest’ techniques with each client they work with, irrespective of that client’s actual situation. Others provide bespoke SEO strategy consulting, but when it comes time to implement the strategy they developed, they’ve moved onto the next client.

At Content Copywriting, we recognise that every client is unique, which means their SEO strategy should be too. We create every client’s strategy individually for them and only them – and we know our job isn’t finished until our recommendations are actively generating ROI.

So if our clients need us to write any – or all – of the content in our SEO campaign strategy, we’re more than happy to do it. And of course, we also monitor how the strategy is performing, and identify how to improve it if needed.

Plus, if you’d prefer to learn how to build and implement an SEO strategy yourself, we’ll happily develop and deliver bespoke SEO Training for you.