Real talk: All industries should be using content marketing. These days, it’s almost impossible to operate any business without an online presence.

Today’s consumers want more than just a great product. They also want a relationship with the brands they buy from.

So if your company is:

• A start-up or business that is starting a content project from scratch
• A business that has something to prove
• A business that is expanding in any way
• A business that is solving a problem

You need content marketing, and ideally, you need to have it created by a content marketing agency who thinks strategically, who employs top-level content marketing consultants and who is going to respect your business’s needs.

If you’re in a heavy referral-based industry, such as B2B – you may just need a website that acts as an online business card (rather than a lead generation machine), but that doesn’t mean content marketing is any less essential for you. After all, B2B and B2C is all business-to-human in reality. And humans love great content.

And although all sorts of businesses really should be getting content consultancy, our favourite ones to work with are the ones who think big.

We specialise in brands that have big ideas – regardless of the industry or stage your business is at – if you’ve got a big idea you want to convey, Content Copywriting can help.