Homepage of HealthMatch, a digital health company transforming the way patients and clinical trial researchers connect, who approached us for targeted SEO Training.


  • Aug – Oct 2020
  • Custom SEO & Content Strategy Training Program
  • Targeted Pillar-Cluster SEO Content Model


HealthMatch is a digital health company that transforms the way patients and clinical trial researchers connect. Their mission is to quickly, easily and reliably match patients looking to participate in clinical trials with researchers searching for suitable trial participants.

When they first launched, HealthMatch spread awareness of their platform and grew their online presence through paid marketing channels.

However, to secure long-term, cost-effective growth, they knew they needed to shift their approach and focus on search engine optimisation (SEO), organic traffic and strategically targeted content. And while HealthMatch didn’t have the existing resources or capability for these subject areas, they were keen to ultimately bring them in-house.


Our first step was to identify HealthMatch’s exact requirements. We needed to know:

  • their overall goals and objectives – not just for marketing growth, but also as a business

  • their existing understanding of SEO and content strategy

  • their available tools and resources

  • the status of their current content roadmap, pipeline and archive

Once we had this information, we set to work creating HealthMatch a targeted, tailor-made training program that covered both SEO and SEO content strategy.

We delivered this program one-on-one, 100% remotely over several sessions, ensuring that it effectively provided exactly what HealthMatch needed to know.

To deliver the highest possible return on investment for HealthMatch, we also based all of our training strategies, demonstrations and exercises on relevant, real-world examples and data. This meant we:

  • focused specifically on the content they were already creating

  • explained how to target their SEO keyword research to their existing pipeline

  • evaluated surrounding keyword phrases directly related to their ideal target audience

  • demonstrated how to create SEO-friendly content, matching and aligning keywords to their required topics

  • showcased how keyword research could help them to guide content idea generation and planning

  • broke down how to accurately gauge keyword opportunities, based on each keyword’s value, difficulty and ROI

We also gave HealthMatch comprehensive guidance and direction on how to use the pillar-cluster SEO content model. 

This content creation strategy uses a core content piece (a pillar) to target difficult, but high-value keywords. It then complements this pillar with a series of interlinked smaller content pieces (a cluster) to target lower-value, easier keywords. The cluster raises SEO performance and keyword rankings across the entire group (including the pillar), increasing visibility for each of the keywords and drawing in traffic across all the content.

Best of all, we custom-made this completely purpose-built training solution for HealthMatch and HealthMatch alone, tailoring it to their exact needs, objectives and operations.



By the end of our training, HealthMatch had a comprehensive understanding of SEO, keyword researchSEO content creation and content strategy.

And the benefits didn’t stop there. Because we targeted our training program to HealthMatch’s exact requirements and firmly aligned it to their real-world use cases, they also had:


full awareness of their available SEO capabilities, opportunities and resources


an in-house team who not only had the skills to implement a targeted SEO strategy, but also a clear plan of what to do and why


a complete, high-value, ready-to-use SEO content plan that covered 61 pillars and 112 cluster topics

HealthMatch were so happy with these results, they moved on to discussing how we could help with content creation too!

Blog Homepage of HealthMatch, which features blog posts written to a targeted SEO Strategy


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