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Generate high-value online traffic, organically

Struggling to secure organic traffic? Being overlooked by your target audience, even though you’ve got a great product, website and content library?

If so, you need to optimise your website content for search engines.

SEO content writing means identifying the keywords your ideal audience searches for and aligning your content to them. That helps you rank more highly for those keywords on Google, making your brand much easier to find and significantly harder to overlook.

As a specialist SEO content writing company with a team of highly experienced website content writers and search experts, we can:

  • identify the keywords that will return you the highest ROI
  • review the performance of your existing content
  • optimise and refresh your current website content for search engines
  • create new, SEO-targeted content
  • fix the technical issues that keep Google from loving your website
  • track and report keyword positioning
  • provide ongoing SEO support
  • and more!

Whatever your website needs to connect with, engage and convert you ideal audience, we’ll make it happen.

We increased Octet’s website traffic by


For over two years we’ve created strategic website and editorial blog content for business finance brand, Octet. This content has directly improved their site traffic and delivered ever-increasing qualified lead conversions. 

We increased Octet’s website traffic by


For over two years we’ve created strategic website and editorial blog content for business finance brand, Octet. This content has directly improved their site traffic and delivered ever-increasing qualified lead conversions. 

What makes us different

We’re ROI focused

Every piece of content we create or optimise for search engines has a purpose, a specific objective and a measurable outcome.

We never produce anything just for the sake of it. And we never recommend any SEO-related activities unless we firmly believe they’ll deliver an actual return for your business.

We have a history of SEO success

Many online marketing agencies offer SEO website content writing, but not all of them deliver proven results. We do, and we have the client SEO success stories to back us up. Because we’re really good at it.

We’re more than just website content writers

We’re masters of identifying, sourcing and assembling talent. So when you work with us, you’re hiring more than just website content writers.You’re working with a team of expert strategists, copywriters, editors, publishers, analysts, graphic designers, social media managers, photographers and more.

Our industry backgrounds range from finance to tech, business development, sales, FMCG, retail, hospitality, real estate and many others.

You’re not a number to us

We don’t do short-term client relationships, and we don’t work with a giant portfolio of accounts. As a result, you’ll never be ‘just another face in the crowd’ to us.

Instead, we view every client who comes our way as a chance to create a fresh, high-value relationship. We take the time to really understand you, your business, your industry and your audience. Then we learn all about your big ideas, your objectives and your goals.

Want an SEO website success story of your own?

What is an SEO copywriter

An SEO web copywriter is much like a traditional copywriter, except instead of just understanding how to communicate with people, they also understand how to communicate with Google and other search engines.

You see, the algorithms that search engines use to read content don’t work quite the same as the human brain. They simply can’t read every word on the internet in the same way that a person would. Instead, Google and other search engines use codes that scan the web and grab specific words, phrases, and other website aspects to deliver the best of what they think you’re looking for.

An SEO copywriter understands how this works and can, put simply, optimise the copy on your website to make it more visible to Google for the search terms you’re aiming to rank for. SEO copywriters understand the importance of hitting the right search terms, in the right places.

Our team of Sydney based SEO Copywriters specialise in web pages, SEO articles, advertising copy, promotions, and customer engagement. We focus mostly on long-tail keyword phrases (three or four keywords put together), allowing us to grab the searches with high intent that align directly to our clients’ business needs.

So, if you’re a florist who delivers within the Sydney CBD and surrounding areas, we wouldn’t aim for ‘flower deliveries’ as a search term. We’d go for a long tail option, such as ‘flower deliveries Sydney area’ and ‘best Sydney based florists’.

Of course, in order to ensure all our clients’ goals are met with well-crafted content, we also have developers, social media experts, and a range of other digital marketing specialists on our team.

What does an SEO copywriter do

An SEO copywriter uses search engine optimisation strategies to write copy that boosts a website’s search engine ranking.

A great SEO copywriter does this while still creating engaging content that appeals to humans, as well as the robots.

Here at Content Copywriting, our specialist SEO copywriters use digital research tools to identify search trends and then create optimised, human-centric content for websites, blogs, social media, white papers, ebooks, retail sites, and more to fit within these trends.

Keyword density and prominence, tone, style, and readability are all given equal attention. Our aim is always to organically elevate a website’s placement in a search engine result, while still writing content that appeals to humans – Getting the reader to the page is only the first step; what you do with them once they’re there is just as important.

What does an SEO copywriting agency do

A good SEO copywriting agency combines copywriting knowledge and SEO knowledge seamlessly.

They can develop optimised content for websites, blogs, social media, white papers, ebooks, retail sites, and more.

They’ll be able to create compelling content that appeals to your customers, and also focuses on technical search engine optimisation.

Their SEO copywriting specialist will know all about Google’s Human Quality Checkers, and make sure your content passes the test.

And if their SEO strategist knows what they’re doing (like we do), a great SEO copywriting company will guide you through the entire SEO process while keeping your brand’s tone of voice intact.

Why are the team at Content Copywriting the best SEO copywriters in Sydney

Our SEO copywriting strength comes from our diversity and rich career backgrounds.

We have journalists, marketing professionals, finance strategists, and photographers, as well as hard-nosed reporters, creative writers, and digital editors. All our team are skilled professionals in their fields, and all are passionate writers now focused on SEO copywriting.

This huge range of additional skills and industry knowledge acquired throughout their careers means our SEO copywriters don’t just bring SEO copywriting experience to the table – They also understand elements of your business that other copywriters simply can’t.

They use their experience and expertise to fill the gaps in your marketing, strategy, and content arsenal, and advise on user experience and imagery.

Better still, they also use it to come up with their own fun and fantastic content ideas, which they’re happy to brief your marketing team across.

And when it comes to implementing your content strategy plan, creating the content your business needs to drive traffic, engagement, and sales, they’re ready and able to take the lead and get it done.

Most importantly though, our SEO copywriters treat all our clients as if they’re a part of the team; we don’t believe in holding back relevant information, in hoarding ‘trade secrets’, or in limiting our engagement with you to a bare minimum.

Instead, we pride ourselves on transparency, on developing meaningful relationships, and delivering great results.

How do I hire an SEO copywriter

Just like when hiring any professional, we recommend your first step to hiring an SEO copywriter is to do your research.

Take some time to understand what an SEO copywriter actually does. Not only that, get an idea of what separates good SEO copywriters from the bad.

It’s a great idea to read reviews and ask around.

There are a lot of SEO copywriters available, and it’s important to take the time and ensure you find the one that suits your business’s needs best – Don’t be shy to reach out to them via email or phone, organise a meeting, and go from there.

We recommend you use this simple checklist when looking for an SEO copywriter:

Step 1: Read some samples of their work
By reading samples of an SEO copywriter’s work, you can see if their work is of a high enough quality. You can also get an idea of their specialties, the tone of voice they can create in their copy, and the way in which they insert keywords and links.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for some samples if they aren’t currently available on their website.

Step 2: Quiz them about your niche
It’s great to find an SEO copywriting agency who has experience in your niche, but it’s not the only thing that matters.

Have a chat and pay attention to the kinds of questions they ask, and how much they engage. Are they asking the right questions? Do they seem genuinely interested in what it is you and your business do?

Sometimes a fresh approach and keen attitude is as valuable as industry experience.

Step 3: Identify if they sacrifice quality for SEO
Reading their work and it feels clunky or repetitive? There’s a real possibility they prioritise SEO over copywriting for humans, which never delivers great results!

Steer clear!

What channels does an SEO copywriter write for

If your copy is going online, then an SEO copywriter is perfect for the job.

An SEO copywriter can write website pages, blog articles, social media posts, eBooks, white papers, and more. No online stone is left unturned by Google, so a good SEO copywriting agency can write for them all, and you should have an SEO content strategy that can be applied to all of these elements.

What are the benefits of using an SEO copywriter

When you hire an SEO copywriter, their job is to make sure you have optimised content on all the platforms you use.

Combined with a quality SEO strategy, employing a specialised SEO copywriter is a roadmap to success. They’ll keep your brand’s tone of voice intact while optimising your SEO content.

For you, that means higher rankings in Google, more impressions, more clicks, and more engagement with you and your products and services.

All of our SEO copywriters are up to speed with the latest SEO rules, as well as Google’s Human Quality Checkers Test, and they’re able to educate you and your staff across anything you don’t understand.

Does every business need an SEO copywriter

Are you creating content? Would you like that content to reach more people? Would you like your business to grow?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your business would benefit from hiring an SEO copywriting agency.

We also strongly believe that every copywriter needs an expertly developed SEO strategy to work from – This ensures you’ll get the best results, and the highest return on your investment.

We understand that SEO can be a challenging concept to get your head around, so if you’re not sure just get in touch; we’re more than happy to talk you through the process.

*What can we say? We’re passionate about the subject. SEO is our jam.

How much does Content Copywriting charge for SEO copywriting

There’s an old saying – When running a company, you should always choose to fix things that make people money, not cost people money.

That’s exactly what we do.

Having top-notch SEO copywriting on your website is only going to make you money in the long run – It’s an investment.

At Content Copywriting, our pricing system is based on the number of hours it’s likely to take our SEO experts to complete your project. Some projects are simple; others require matrix-esque analytics and can take time.

If you’re looking for the cheapest SEO copywriting around, we’re not your people.

We’re all about quality, human-centric copy, and individually customised SEO strategy plans – This is why we’ll never have 300 clients on our books at one time. We take on only a handful of clients, and make sure they get the return on investment they’ve paid for.

And our results speak for themselves – Whenever Google makes updates, they’re consistently focused on identifying and increasing the ranking of quality content over keyword-stuffed copy. And whenever they roll out a new update, all of our clients report significant website wins.

But how much do your SEO Copywriting services cost

As a general guide, our SEO copywriting blog articles start from $1000/article, and our Organic Content Strategies start from $6500.

Within those price structures there are extensive consultations, three rounds of edits, and all the technical support and consultation needed to get your website shining.

We 100% believe in following the most effective strategy we can find – This means you’ll only be advised to pay for things your business actually needs.

We never over-inflate job proposals, and our clients always come back for more when they see the results.

What is Content Copywriting’s SEO copywriting process

Our first step is a thorough review of your site – We review your technical health, user experience, site map and of course, content.

Then our SEO strategist either workshops and optimises your existing content strategy, or creates a brand new detailed SEO strategy (a roadmap of sorts) depending on your needs and budget.

At this point, we’ll discuss all the costs and timelines – We don’t believe in budget surprises!

Once you’re happy, we take the knowledge we gathered in our initial research and develop a tailor made SEO keyword strategy around it. Taking into account your ideal audience, what they’re currently searching for, and their typical online behaviour, we’ll figure out exactly what keywords you should be targeting, including long-tail keywords (three or four keywords combined).

For example, if we find that your potential customers are Googling, ‘SEO copywriting Sydney’ then we’ll make that the primary keyword phrase and also identify related phrases such as, ‘SEO copywriting specialist Sydney, or ‘SEO copywriting services’.

Once all the keyword phrases are chosen, we’ll present them to you for approval.

After we’ve got your approval, we can start to create the copy! Sometimes, this means we’ll interview experts at your brand; other times we find other sources.

As part of our SEO copywriting services, we don’t just write copy though. We also create proposed content flows, envision how the page or article will work for a user, and review everything from colour choice to image selection.

We’ll likely consult with you throughout this step, as we like to get as many eyes on the project as possible – Be prepared to collaborate! In our experience, this always delivers the best results.

Once one of our SEO copywriters has completed the initial write-up, it goes to a content editor for review. After them, it goes to a copy editor for a structure and formatting assessment. Only after they’re happy does it then go to you, the client.

And that’s when you’ll see the first draft.

We mentioned that we’re thorough, right?

We then give you time to review the draft, provide feedback, and make any changes you want.

With your suggestions and insights in hand we repeat this process one more time, further editing and polishing the draft.

Once we’ve signed off on the third and final draft, we upload it to your site and publish it – We make sure it’s up and working, and we iron out any issues. All you need to do is watch the project come to life.

You may think that’s where it ends, but nope! – We want to make sure you see the results you’ve paid for as badly as you do.

So we stick around and monitor the progress. You’ll get a monthly report that outlines all of our objectives, and we stay just a phone call away to answer questions and make any necessary changes.

How do I get started

Click here! We’ll chat, get to know one another, and answer all your questions.