Search Engine Optimisation

Stand out from the crowd

Securing long-term, high-value organic traffic can take your business to the next level.

However, to get that traffic you need to stand out from the online crowd. That means putting yourself in front of your ideal audience and snagging their attention before your competitors get a chance.

And for that, you need search engine optimisation (SEO).

Not sure where to begin? Unclear which keywords to target, or how to include them in your online brand presence?

Don’t worry – we can do it all for you. Our comprehensive, tried-and-tested SEO services and marketing techniques can:


  • grow your keyword rankings
  • increase your Google visibility
  • boost your reach
  • optimise your website tech health
  • deliver search results that count

And we have a proven track record of client success stories to back up every claim.

So leave all your SEO service needs to us, and get back to doing what you do best – turning your big ideas into a reality.


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We increased Octet’s website traffic by


For over two years we’ve created strategic website and editorial blog content for business finance brand, Octet. This content has directly improved their site traffic and delivered ever-increasing qualified lead conversions. 

We increased Octet’s website traffic by


For over two years we’ve created strategic website and editorial blog content for business finance brand, Octet. This content has directly improved their site traffic and delivered ever-increasing qualified lead conversions. 

What makes us different

We’re results driven

Many marketing agencies offer SEO services, but not all of them have the experience or skill set to deliver great results.

Our highly-skilled, professional SEO service experts consistently create strong ROI results for our clients. And we have the case studies to show it.

We’re ahead of the curve

Whenever Google releases a new update, some companies consistently see their keyword rankings fall.

But that doesn’t happen for our clients. They always come out ahead, because we think long-term.

We make it easy for you

Implementing a targeted, high-performing SEO campaign is tough. It takes a lot of time, effort and most importantly, skill.

You don’t have to worry though, because we’ll do the entire thing for you.

You’re not a number to us

What’s our biggest SEO secret – the one that allows us to be one of the best SEO services companies in Australia?

It’s actually no secret at all. It’s simply that we take the time to really get to know our clients, and we genuinely care about the quality of the work we provide for them.

Want an SEO success story of your own?

What is SEO marketing

SEO (search engine optimisation) marketing is one piece of the online marketing jigsaw puzzle. It’s the part that helps you get more of the right people to visit your website.

To make this happen, SEO marketing aligns your online content to the keyword phrases your ideal target audience are using. This makes search engines like Google more likely to present it to them, and send them your way.

More of the right people on your website means more brand awareness, more reach and potentially more conversions.

What does an SEO agency do

An SEO agency’s job is to help you optimise your website and blog content to ensure that search engines like Google:

• know exactly what every page or blog post on your site is about
• recognise that post or web page as a credible source of information on the topic
• recommend that page or post to people who search for information about that subject area.

In short, an SEO agency’s purpose is to increase the amount of high-quality traffic that lands on your website. As such, their objectives are to increase your technical SEO site health and boost your keyword rankings. This will in turn grow your reach, brand awareness and potential sales.

What do SEO strategists and copywriters do

An SEO strategist is someone who creates a strategy for optimising your web or blog content for search engines (a.k.a makes it SEO-friendly).

To do this, ideally they’ll conduct in-depth research around your audience, your market, your competitors and your business objectives. They’ll then design you a tailor-made SEO Strategy that covers:

• what topics you should write about
• how much to write
• what keywords to optimise for
• where to include those keywords
• any other techniques you can use to increase your website’s credibility with search engines, such as securing backlinks and improving your website’s technical health.

Once you’ve implemented all of their recommendations, the best SEO strategists will monitor the performance and effectiveness of their strategy. If it’s not getting the results you need, they’ll help you adapt it and course-correct until it is.

An SEO copywriter is the person who takes the SEO strategist’s recommendations and turns them into web copy.

A skilled SEO copywriter will be able to craft content that both Google and your ideal audience love. They’ll know how to write in a way that’s clear and engaging for humans, while still being credible to search engines.

And if they’re really good, SEO copywriters write it all in a way that powerfully converts, without ever feeling pushy, sales-y or manipulative.

Why is Content Copywriting the best SEO marketing company in Sydney

We don’t want to toot our own horn (not too much, anyway). So aside from acknowledging that…

• we’re masters of SEO marketing, with experience across a broad range of industries
• we’re small enough to get to know every client we work with in depth
• we treat every client as unique, and build every individual SEO Strategy for them from the ground up.

…we’d prefer to let our clients tell you why they think we’re the best! Take a look through our numerous client success stories, and read for yourself what they have to say about us.

What is the role of SEO in digital marketing

Digital marketing refers to all the marketing your company does across its entire online presence. This includes your website and blog, but also extends beyond it into email marketing, social media marketing and more.

SEO is an element of online marketing that relates purely to your website and blog content. Its role is to optimise your content to ensure that search engines – particularly Google – recognise your content’s core topic. Not only that, it also aims to ensure that search engines recognise your content as a credible, high-quality source of information on your subject area.

This then means that when people search for products or services like yours, or query keyword phrases relevant to your business, search engines are more likely to send them your way. As a result, you get more traffic, more reach, more brand awareness and potentially more sales.

Do SEO services work

SEO services do work, if they’re done well. And by ‘done well’, we mean:

• they’re based on a solid SEO Strategy that’s designed from the ground up for your business and your business alone
• they’re tailored to your unique audience, business goals, brand and products or services
• they incorporate all of the latest information and best practices on what Google does and doesn’t like in a website
• they’re regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure they’re keeping pace with updates in the online environment and audience search behaviour.

When SEO services meet all these criteria, they deliver real ROI for the companies that use them. Just ask our clients!

What are the pros and cons of SEO marketing

The pros of SEO marketing are many. When it’s done well (see above question), optimising your web content for search engines can dramatically increase the amount of high-value traffic your website receives. More traffic means more awareness of your brand, more reach, a larger pool of possible customers and – bottom line – potentially more sales.

The cons are that while SEO marketing is simple in principle, in practice it can be complex, fiddly and difficult to truly master. On top of that, optimising for search engines isn’t a ‘set and forget’ process. Google’s algorithms keep changing over time – as do the keywords your ideal audience use to search for services or products like yours. Not only that, but new competitors or alternatives to your product or service keep popping up, and your existing competitors may adopt stronger SEO strategies as well.

That means you need to regularly review your website content and keyword rankings to ensure you’re still getting great performance. And if something has changed, you need to quickly adapt your SEO marketing to match.

But if you’re already busy with the thousand-and-one things you need to do to look after your business and customers, becoming an SEO expert is probably low on your list. And regularly updating your SEO marketing to ensure it stays current is likely to fall by the wayside.

The good news is that if you’d like to experience the SEO pros without the cons, a professional SEO services company can help.

How do I know if my business would benefit from hiring a professional SEO services company

Most businesses benefit from hiring a professional agency to deliver SEO services. An easy way to tell if you would secure a good ROI is if:

• you have (or would like to have) a website
• you’d like to bring more potential customers (traffic) to your website than you’re managing right now
• you don’t currently have specialist SEO skills or resources in-house.

If that sounds like you, we can help. Get in touch today.

What is the average price for SEO marketing services

It’s hard to answer this question succinctly, because SEO service prices can vary greatly. It depends on:

• who’s providing them
• what services they’re actually delivering.

While many online agencies claim to be SEO services companies, not all of them have the skills and track record of success to get real results for their clients.

It’s absolutely possible to get SEO marketing done ‘on the cheap’ – But when you do, you almost always get what you pay for.

Meanwhile, other providers may recommend a high-priced, all-inclusive, one-size-fits-all SEO services package as standard to every client they work with – Which inevitably includes services their clients don’t actually need.

We believe that every client is unique, so every SEO-related service we provide is unique as well. We’ll only ever recommend an SEO service to you if we genuinely believe it will create ROI for your business, and we price accordingly.

Can I see Content Copywriting’s SEO case studies

Certainly! We have a long (and getting longer almost by the minute) list of SEO client success stories.

We’d love to help your business become one of them.

How do I get started

Getting started couldn’t be simpler – just get in touch!