Is your marketing team struggling to get the ROI you’re hoping for?

Want to stop outsourcing and bring your marketing endeavours in-house, but don’t have the full set of skills or capabilities?

Whether you’re setting your internal marketing efforts up from scratch or looking to boost existing team performance, our digital marketing training has you covered.

We’ll custom-build a training program to your needs, and can teach you how to:

  • create focused marketing strategies, roadmaps and content calendars
  • conduct effective research that’s aligned to your ideal audience
  • produce and manage engaging, high-quality content
  • secure Google rankings
  • increase your online visibility
  • grow your organic reach
  • improve your conversion rates
  • boost your marketing ROI.

All you have to do is talk to us and tell us about your business goals and objectives. We’ll design a targeted corporate marketing training plan from the ground up to get you there.


SEO training

SEO is your key to standing out from the crowd and putting yourself in front of your ideal target audience. We train you in SEO best practices, and then demonstrate how to implement them with targeted keyword research, content pipeline management and backlink strategy. We also show you how to address technical SEO site health.

Content training

Content marketing is a powerful tool that can engage and convert your audience. We show you how to identify what type of content is right for you and your business, then teach you how to effectively create, distribute and manage it. And to help you get the best out of your content, we explain how to track performance and optimise content as well.


A digital marketing training planner sitting down with a client to discuss their training needs.


Every digital marketing training program we deliver is different, because each course is designed to fit each client’s exact specifications.

We don’t rely on set training modules, standardised templates or fixed training plans.

Instead, we:

  • talk to you and identify your individual requirements and needs
  • review your business, your overall goals and your marketing performance to-date
  • design a training program that perfectly aligns to your needs and your needs alone
  • deliver it in a way that works for your schedule, team and resources.

Does this mean it takes us more time and effort to plan your training? Yes, it does.

But it also ensures we deliver you the very best online digital marketing training available, and we see that as a worthwhile trade-off.


All good training programs involve practical exercises and trial studies – students learn best by doing, not just reading, watching or listening.

So, to provide the best corporate marketing training, we root all our practical exercises in real-world scenarios that are relevant to your business. For example:

  • Running an online retail brand and eCommerce store? We show you how to effectively connect with customers in your market to drive actual sales.
  • Managing an NGO and looking to raise awareness? We identify the most effective comms channels and strategy for you, whether that means promoting on social, drafting case studies or creating a compelling white paper.

Following this approach, not only will you and your team find our enterprise digital marketing training program highly relatable and easy to understand.

But also, by the end of the training, you’ll have created targeted plans and materials that are directly aligned with your needs, which you can put to immediate use.

A strategist explaining to a client their training requirements, while referring to their current performance, as the best online digital marketing training programs are rooted in real-world scenarios.
Workspace of a corporate marketing training provider, with various tools and devices.


Corporate marketing training is only one of our skill sets. Our team also specialises in strategy, content creation, SEO and more.

So if you’d like to keep working with us after your training program, we’d be happy to continue the relationship.

Whether you want us to help create and manage the content you’ve just learned how to plan, or simply want ongoing SEO support and guidance, we’re here for you.

Why? Because we value long-term relationships, and – as our client success stories show – delivering digital training for businesses isn’t the only thing we excel at.


We don’t view creating and delivering your marketing training as a mere transaction.

We see it as a big step in your – and your team’s – development, and we want it to take your business to new heights of success.

We view it this way because we care. And we believe your relationship with us is important.

You’re not ‘just a number’ in our agency file, or simply another ‘face in the crowd’.

Instead, you’re part of our small, select portfolio. And that selectiveness allows us to:

  • put in the time and effort to really get to know you
  • learn everything we can about you and your business
  • identify the factors that will have the greatest impact on the success of your projects and campaigns
  • deliver targeted work that generates the best possible returns for you.

This is an approach we’re passionate about, because it helps us pursue our own goal too – a productive, long-term relationship with you.

A strategist discussing with a client via phone how to deliver the best online digital marketing training program for them and their team.





  • How do I get started?
  • Getting started with digital marketing training is simple - just click here!
  • Do Content Copywriting’s digital marketing trainers have experience in my industry?
  • Our trainers have experience across a wide range of industries and business sizes.

    However, in addition to being experts in training delivery, we’re also masters of sourcing talent. Our contacts include networks of specialist contractors, so if we don’t already have a trainer in our team with expertise in your industry, we can find one for you fast.
  • Is there a limit to how many trainees I can have in a digital marketing training program?
  • Another question we’ll ask when we first talk through your training goals is which team members you’d like to be present in the training sessions. We’ll ask you about their roles, responsibilities, strengths and challenges to ensure that we tailor our training content specifically to them.

    Theoretically, this means there’s no limit to the number of trainees you can have at a training program. However, to give every attendee the best quality training experience, we recommend:

    ● having no more than 10 team members in any single online training session
    ● having no more than 15 team members in any single in-person training session
    ● potentially delivering separate training sessions to team members with very different roles and responsibilities.

    Not sure what would work best for your organisation? Reach out today – we’re happy to offer some no-obligation suggestions.
  • Do Content Copywriting’s digital training workshops run at set times throughout the year?
  • No. Because we create all our digital content strategy training individually for each client we work with, we don’t run workshops at set times.

    That means we can deliver our training at a time, and in a format, that works best for your business.
  • Is Content Copywriting’s digital marketing training delivered online or in-person?
  • We’re comfortable delivering our training either online or in-person, so we can work in whatever format fits your organisation best.

    When we first sit down with you to talk through your business’s digital marketing training goals and requirements, we’ll also ask about your format preferences. Once we know what will work best for you, we’ll design you a personalised training program from the ground up to suit your needs.

    That’s the benefit of working with an agency that offers bespoke training to every client they work with.
  • How do I know if I need digital training for my business?
  • In today’s business landscape, marketing online – at least on some level – is no longer optional. As a bare minimum, your customers now expect you to have a professional website that they can easily find via a search engine. And depending on your industry, they may also expect you to have a blog, an email newsletter, a social media presence and more.

    Of course, you may be confident that you already have a strong digital presence everywhere your customers expect you to be. You may feel comfortable that your website is drawing all the high-quality traffic you need it to. And you may also feel certain that the people who land on each page of your site engage with your content, and end up converting into sign-ups or sales.

    If all that is true, then you probably don’t need digital training for your business. But if you know that your online presence could be stronger, or that your website content or other online marketing efforts could be more effective, digital training can help.

    Get in touch today to discuss how digital marketing training could benefit your business.
  • How does Content Copywriting deliver the best online digital marketing training?
  • Some online digital training agencies create a single, general digital marketing training solution that they then deliver to every business that hires them. Others create a few different digital training workshop options, and aim to match prospective clients with the best option out of those they can deliver.

    However, only the best online digital marketing training providers build a complete digital training program for each business they work with from scratch. At Content Copywriting, that’s something we pride ourselves on.

    When you hire us to provide digital marketing training for you, we:

    ● start by getting to know you and your individual requirements in depth
    ● ensure that the topics we teach relate directly to your specific marketing goals
    ● develop a training program from the ground up that we uniquely tailor to your business
    ● deliver that program however works best for your team and situation.

    Creating unique training solutions for every client takes time, which is why we’re selective about who we work with. Of course, we could do things differently and aim for quantity instead of quality… but then we wouldn’t be one of the best online digital marketing trainers.

    And that’s a trade-off we’re not willing to make.
  • What’s the difference between digital content strategy training and brand marketing training?
  • Brand marketing refers to marketing activities that are designed to build awareness and recognition of your company or product brand.

    This means brand marketing training tends to focus on teaching you how to market in a way that differentiates your offering from that of your competitors. It’s about learning how to infuse your business’s personality, values and identity into any touch points you have with your customers.

    Digital content marketing strategy incorporates brand marketing as one element of overall online marketing. However, digital content strategy training also includes learning about:

    ● SEO research and optimisation
    ● content research and creation
    ● content performance measurement, monitoring and improvement.

    Discover whether your business could benefit from digital content strategy training.
    Let’s talk
  • What does corporate marketing training include?
  • There are as many answers to this question as there are corporate marketing training providers. At Content Copywriting, we specialise in digital content and SEO marketing, so that’s where we focus our training services too.

    Within that broad, overarching category, we provide several more specific training areas that cover the entire life cycle of your digital content. For example, we can teach you:

    ● how to conduct in-depth audience research so you know what engages your ideal readers
    ● how to conduct SEO keyword research so you know what that audience is searching for
    ● how to develop a powerful digital content market strategy based directly on that research
    ● how to implement your strategy to create regular content that your audience loves to read
    ● how to optimise that content for search engines (SEO).

    And, of course, as you learn this, you’ll also learn how to secure Google rankings, increase your organic reach and online visibility, and improve your marketing ROI.
  • What is digital marketing training?
  • Digital marketing is an umbrella term that refers to your marketing activities across your entire digital presence, and it can include all the digital media you use. That means it involves online marketing via your own website, as well as any social media or email marketing you do.

    Digital marketing training can therefore include training in any aspect – or aspects – of digital marketing that you’d like to upskill in. However, in general terms, it tends to cover two broad areas:

    Content marketing training: learning which types of online content are best for your business and how to create and use them effectively

    SEO marketing training: learning how to identify the best keywords for your website content, how to strategically incorporate them into your content, and how to best implement important SEO techniques.

    Talk to us about the best options for online or in-person digital marketing training today.

We’re all about content. Content that connects with – and converts – your ideal clients.

And you? You’re all about making your clients’ lives better.

That’s why you need our content marketing agency on your side. We’ll create the content your business needs to drive traffic, engagement and sales.


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