Content Strategy

Your path to true audience engagement

Quality content builds audience engagement better than any other form of marketing – as long as you have a targeted Content Strategy behind it.

A targeted Content Strategy is like a roadmap. It tells you exactly:

  • who your ideal target audience is
  • where to put your content to give them the best chance of connecting with it
  • what type of content will drive the most engagement
  • what type of engagement will, most importantly, drive the greatest return for your business.

Throwing content out into the world that nobody’s looking at? You need a Content Strategy. People are looking at your content, but not going on to connect with your business? You really need a Content Strategy.

And as a specialist Content Strategy agency, we can help. We use comprehensive research, workshops and knowledge of the latest best-practice to provide you with a clear content roadmap that drives engagement and conversions.


We increased Nexba’s organic traffic by


Nexba is an Australian beverage company, specialising in natural sugar free alternative soft drinks. Their products are stocked nationally in thousands of stores, and the company has also started to expand to other global locations.

Growing so fast, Nexba were keen to produce a range of content to help support their expanding brand and presence.

We increased Nexba’s organic traffic by


Nexba is an Australian beverage company, specialising in natural sugar free alternative soft drinks. Their products are stocked nationally in thousands of stores, and the company has also started to expand to other global locations.

Growing so fast, Nexba were keen to produce a range of content to help support their expanding brand and presence.

What makes us different

We’re your missing puzzle piece

Your business is unlike any other, and your operations are unique. We understand that, so we tailor-make our Content Strategy for you – we do not believe in cookie-cutter solutions.

We make it quick and easy for you

Compiling a comprehensive Content Strategy is no small task. Doing the job right means investing a significant amount of time and effort.

Don’t worry, though – we do it all for you, and put in the time and hard work so you don’t have to.

We make it count

We know you may not have the final say on our Content Strategy, and may need to present it to your Board, C-Suite leadership team or external partners.

Not a problem. Our Content Strategies are professionally designed, insightful and simple to follow.

You’re not a number to us

We only work with a small, select portfolio of clients, which means you’ll never become just a number in our files.

Want a content strategy success story of your own?

What is a content strategy

All businesses need content, it’s a fact – Without it, how would anyone know what you do or why you do it?

What a lot of businesses don’t realise though, is that when it comes to content marketing it’s best to work smart, not hard.

How do you work smart?

First, before you even start on content creation, you design a detailed and well thought out content strategy.

A content strategy is the how to your why.

For example, if your company wants to land more customers from Google, that’s your content why. Your content strategy (or content how) is to increase your SEO, and will identify what search terms you should be targeting through SEO copywriting, how you can target them, and any required site restructuring or technical changes.

A great content strategy (along with a great SEO copywriter) will take into account:

• who your target audience is
• how they’re going to find your content
• what you want them to get out of your content
• and hopefully, how to encourage them to share your content after they’ve read and loved it!

Tip #1: It’s not just about reach
A successful content strategy isn’t just about getting eyes on your content. For a truly successful content strategy, your audience needs to like what they see.
Unfortunately, this is where a lot of SEO copywriters can let you down. They’ll focus only on the Google clicks and referral numbers, and won’t look at the time your users spend on your page, or where they go from there.

And that doesn’t help you, or your business.

If your SEO copywriting strategy only appeals to Google, then it’s not going to be successful.

The content you create needs to speak to humans as well as robots. It should align your business and brand goals with your marketing and content goals, and serve everyone involved.

Tip #2: Your content strategy should identify and focus on your target audience
If your content strategy isn’t looking at who your target audience is, then the chance of it successfully reaching and connecting with them is slim.
Identifying your target audience is critical. Once you know who your target audience is, you can figure out where they hang out online, and how you can best connect with them through good quality SEO copywriting.

And remember, the more detailed and deliberate your content strategy is, the easier it will be to action and measure.

Tip #3: There’s no one size fits all
Although a lot of SEO copywriting agencies sell pre-made content strategies online, the truth is they simply don’t work.

For your content strategy to be successful, it needs to be custom created and tailored to your business’s tone of voice and target audience. It also needs to take into account the wealth of knowledge you have about your company and customers.

Only by doing this can you ensure your content strategy effectively connects with your audience, delivers content that they want to see, and says what only you can say.

When you engage Content Copywriting to create a content strategy, be prepared to get involved! We want to analyse your past and current content. We want to find out what’s been working and what hasn’t. And we want to hear all about you, and what makes you and your business unique.

Getting to know you and your customers is always the first task on our list.

What does a content strategy agency do

A content strategy agency does many things. The most important though, is they create clear roadmaps for content creation for their clients.

How do they create a roadmap? That depends on your company’s goals, audience needs, and budget.

• First, the content strategist should complete a comprehensive review, getting to know you, your brand and your audience.
• Next, they should present their findings, along with a clear and detailed content plan filled with actionable items and measurable goals.
• Finally, having delivered a roadmap and content strategy, they can either leave it to you to make it all happen, or they can go on to create the content for your brand.

Whatever the brand or strategy, the goal is always the same – Increase engagement and conversation around your products, whatever they are.

When you employ a content strategy agency, make sure they let you know exactly how they plan to increase engagement. Too many times, we meet customers who have been burned by agencies that presented unclear plans and delivered watered-down outcomes.

Added extras
Along with helping businesses develop strategy and create content, content strategy agencies can also offer various other products and services, such as:

• Lead generation
• Sales funnels
Social media management
• Enterprise content training
• Customer lifecycle management
• Advice on streamlining content workflows and content governance

Why is Content Copywriting the best content strategy agency in Sydney

Content Copywriting stands out over other Sydney content strategy agencies thanks to our attention to detail, full service approach, and commitment to bespoke strategies.

We’re the boutique option, perfect for clients looking for a service that’s a cut above the rest.

And unlike many of our competitors, our work delivers results.

Unfortunately, while there are many people claiming to be true content strategists, the reality is that there are very few who can actually live up to their promises.

This is because while there are a lot of people making content, and there are a lot of people giving advice on content, there really are only a few who are actually capable of presenting detailed strategies and providing positive outcomes for their clients.

That’s not the case with us.

We’ll never have 300 clients on our books, and you’ll never be just a number to us. Because there is simply no way that following that approach we’d be able to deliver the type of service we strive to give each and every client; one that’s specialised, bespoke, and supported, and provides a high return on your investment.

What are the benefits of using a content strategy agency for SEO and copywriting

Like anything in life, when you employ a professional to do a job the outcome will be better. The more specialised that professional is, the better the result will be.

Think about it like this:

You can choose to paint your own house – Anyone can put paint on a brush, right?

But, if you do it yourself it will be challenging, messy, difficult, and the outcome may not be what you envisioned. Chances are, it will be average at best.

Alternatively, you could employ a handy person to do it for you – You’ll still need to pick the colours, research paint types, and buy the paint, but your handy person will do the actual painting for you.

This way, it will undoubtedly be less painful than if you did the work entirely yourself, however the outcome will only be slightly better. And the performance of your paint job will still be limited by your knowledge of paint – which (for the purpose of this exercise) we’ll presume isn’t comprehensive.

The third option, is you can reach out to a professional painter.

A professional painter can advise on the choice of colour, use their wealth of experience to choose a paint-type that works best for your home, apply it correctly, and leave you with an experience and outcome that is miles above the rest. And, if the paint starts to peel in a month you can always give them a call and get further advice.

So yes, you could create your own content strategy. You could even employ an SEO copywriter to create that content for you.

But when you engage a professional content strategy agency they take on the whole job, make sure it’s done correctly from start to finish, and deliver a result that far surpasses what you could have achieved on your own.

How do they do this?

A content strategy agency will walk you through your content campaign from concept to completion. They can:

• identify the keywords you should be aiming to rank for
• optimise your website
• devise a content calendar
• help you rank higher on search engine result pages
• increase your organic traffic

And the benefit of using a professional content marketing agency is (much like a professional painter), they’ve taken the time to learn the specialised skills required to ensure your content does what it needs to do!

Professional content strategy agencies are always up to date with the latest SEO rules – an area of copywriting that changes frequently.

Knowing the current do’s and don’ts is essential for achieving a successful outcome.

What makes Content Copywriting different from other content strategy agencies

Here at Content Copywriting, we treat each new client as an individual, and deliver content marketing strategies that are custom created and tailored to their business needs – We don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches to content strategy or SEO copywriting.

We believe that by following this approach, we can secure the best results and the highest return on investment for our clients – And our outcomes and case studies speak to the success of this strategy.

This is why we’ll never be the type of agency that has 300+ clients at a time. There is simply no way that with client books that size we could deliver the level of detailed and customised service we offer.

Here are a few other characteristics of Content Copywriting that set us apart:

We know that YOU know your products and customers better than we ever could, so we always focus on working collaboratively.

We want your input, and your insights, so we can devise a detailed plan together.

We are the specialists, but at the end of the day it’s your goals we’re trying to achieve.

Seamless and enjoyable engagement
What’s the point of outsourcing if it doesn’t make your life easier?

We believe that developing a strong relationship and providing a positive experience are just as important as the results we deliver. As such, we make sure that integrity and great relationship building are a core focus of your work with us.

Our collaborative process has been created to ensure maximum communication and clarity on every project. That way, our clients always know what step of the process we’re at and can jump in at any time if they have any questions, or if our strategy or SEO copywriting isn’t working for them.

Does every business need a content strategy

Short answer; yes.

Long answer; yes, if you want to grow your business, connect with your audience, or be visible on Google and social media. Or if you put any time and effort into creating content at all, and want to see actual results.

Because there’s no point creating content without a clear strategy – Without a clear content marketing strategy, how can your content effectively connect and engage with your target audience?

Research shows that brands with a clear and documented content marketing strategy:

• feel significantly less challenged with every aspect of content marketing
• are far more likely to consider themselves effective at content marketing
• generally consider themselves more effective in their use of all content marketing tactics and social media channels
• can justify spending a higher percentage of their marketing budget on content marketing.

Sometimes, it’s the brands with the most content that need to develop a strategy.

We’ve had clients with hundreds of content pieces, who simply need that content to be reorganised into a strategy in order to meet their goals – A bit of keyword research, some article tweaking by our SEO copywriters, and they’re on track.

Other times, the answer is as simple as some technical website fixes and a handful of new articles expertly crafted by our SEO copywriters.

The most common issue we find is clients putting the most work into the area of their content that needs it the least. The solution here is simply to refocus.

No one content strategy will work for all businesses; for the best results you need tailor made, individually customised solutions that are aligned with your business, your target audience, and your ideal content.

That’s why all of our strategies include a complete health check. That way, we can identify your current situation and strategize accordingly.

Content creation without strategy is basically just throwing mud to see what sticks. And we know you don’t have time for that.

How does SEO fit into a content strategy

SEO is a huge part of content strategy. For most companies who come to us, increasing their organic traffic and ranking on search engine results is their primary goal.

In order to do that, you need SEO.

And the key to SEO success is a clear strategy, based on research that has taken into account site health, user behaviour, and recommended search terms (among other things).

Great strategy, paired with professional SEO copywriting, will ensure the content you create ranks well with Google and lands impressions and click-throughs.

When you rank well, you get the best chance to reach the broadest online audience possible.

How much does Content Copywriting charge for content strategies

As a general guide, our Organic Content Strategies start from $6500 – We believe it’s worth every penny.

You see, there’s really no point creating content if you don’t have a strategy behind it.

When we analyse your content, the technical health of your websites, your social presence, and what your target audience is searching for, we don’t just tell you what you need to do – We also let you know what you DON’T need to spend your time doing.

It’s an investment that can earn you a lot of money and save you a lot of time.

How do I know if my business needs a content strategy agency

If your website isn’t getting much traffic, you have the capacity for more sales, and your staff don’t have the time or resources to create quality content, then you need a content strategy agency.

Most businesses don’t have in-house SEO copywriters or SEO strategists. Almost no one has the time or resources to manage these things.

However, if anyone in your business puts any time at all into content creation, then you should have a strategy in place that optimises that time and effort. Otherwise you’re just wasting time, and not getting the results you could.

What is Content Copywriting’s content strategy process

First, we get to know you, your business, and your goals before deciding if we’d be a good fit for one another – We don’t take on clients unless we know we can help them and deliver a high return on their investment.

Once we understand you and your business, and know we can help, we present a proposal with itemised and priced services and the expected outcomes. At this stage you’re welcome to ask as many questions as you like or tweak whatever you want. There are no cookie-cutter approaches here; it’s all custom created to suit you and your needs.

If you choose to move forward with the proposal, our strategy expert will conduct a comprehensive research study – They’ll review your keywords, site health, audience needs, competitor profiles, and more.

We’ll then present our findings along with a clear and detailed plan, filled with actionable items and measurable goals.

The next step is up to you; you can either take our plan and make it happen in-house, or you can move forward with us – We have a team of SEO copywriters, digital developers, social media managers, and designers, and the skills and expertise to assemble whatever other resources you’ll need to make it all happen for you.

Some clients choose to keep us on for ongoing support; others simply have us drop in annually for a freshen up.

Very few part ways entirely.

How involved do I need to be in the content strategy process

Ideally, you need to be as involved in the content strategy as possible – This is what we find allows us to deliver the best results.

However, if you don’t have the time or inclination to collaborate with our team, as long as we have access to all of the analytical resources we’re happy to move forward. We’re extremely self-sufficient if that’s the path you wish to take.

The thing is, no one knows your customers or products like you do, so it would be a pity not to share that wealth of information with us.

Either way, we ask that you be as engaged as possible during the approval process. This step of the work is quite structured and interactive; engaging with us here ensures you’re happy, and that everyone gets what they need with minimal time-wasting.

How do I get started

We thought you’d never ask.

Click here! We’ll chat, get to know one another, and answer all your questions.